House Kats
House Kats

About the Kats

The House Kats are a producer and DJ group based out of Omaha, NE. They create and perform electronic dance music, including classic house, soulful deep house, the future sounds of today, and their own unique blend of other genres and styles.

Starting their career at Omaha’s longest standing, and only pure electronic club, the House Kats quickly established themselves in the club scene. They have also found success in the underground and have been featured in several festivals, raves, and other events. They are still regulars at Bar 415 to this day.

The House Kats are a staple of the Omaha electronic music community and continue their efforts to support and grow the local scene.

Who Are The Kats

To support the electronic dance music community and to bring their underground sound to the masses.
Fans come first. While the Kats have their own passions and dreams, they’re only there for you. If you came out for them, its your night.
  • The best in electronic dance music.
  • Mixing that makes sense.
  • Traditional skills on modern gear.
You will dance.

Our Music

House / Deep House 100%
Techno / Tech House 85%
Electro / Progressive 20%
Breaks / Trap 5%
Hip-Hop / Pop / Open Format 1%


One from the Midwest. The other from the West Coast. One with a dark industrial sound. The other with that upbeat club sound. The House Kats can be best described as contrast that compliments. Both producers and skilled DJs, they have found a synergy in their music and styles.

Chad Mello and DJ Super Paul share the common goal of being a positive force in electronic dance music.

They are the House Kats

Chad Mello
Chad MelloHouse / Techno / Tech House
DJ Super Paul
DJ Super PaulHouse / Nu Disco / Dance

Our Favorites